BarCamp Cyberjaya 2017

BarCamp is coming back right here, in MMU Cyberjaya!

BarCamp is an event where people can share what they know casually and freely. You can either be a speaker, a listener, or both.

Here’s why you should join us:

You can choose to be an audience or speaker.
You are welcome to share your knowledge or experiences. Speakers are encouraged to talk about technology, entrepreneurship, education or any other topics as long as it does not touch sensitive topics like politics and religions.

You can choose who get to speak.
Voting session will be held for proposed topics.

You can choose which talks to attend.
Multiple talks will be held on the same timetrack, choose the one you like! You are encourage to leave the session quietly if that is not something you interested with.That means, the speaker lineup is generated by everyone who comes(including you) on that day itself. We can’t wait to see what everyone will share and learn in this BarCamp!

Talks Awards
Cash voucher will be given out for the top 3 speakers! Not a competition but to encourage participants to share their knowledge or experiences!

None of the talks interest you? Stay in the lobby and play boardgames!

No worry about money.
Registration is FREE! Lunch, tea-time and water are provided! Tshirt will be given to those who registered earlier!

What is more?
There is LUCKYDRAW for participants this year! Arduino Beginner Kits and power banks will be given out!

Learning. Sharing. Inspiring.

See y’all on 5 August 2017!