Outreach & Awareness Division


This division acts as a bridge between FCI students and the industry.


The Outreach & Awareness Division does a number of things:

  • Active Facebook Group – maintain an active social platform on which students can get in touch with industry people.
  • Trip to startup hubs – Instead of just bonding trips, we can also do trips to visit startup hubs like MaGIC or Singapore’s Ayer Rajah Crescent (their very successful Cyberjaya equivalent).
  • Startup Career Fair – A full departure from previous 9-5 corporate cubicle career fair, partner with startups from Malaysia to show students the current skillset they need to fulfill the current market need.


This division would like to recruit social butterflies, planners and designers who would want to expose our brilliant minds in MMU to the many colours of the tech industry; its world and its people. Does this fun and awesome person sound like you?

Apply to be a committee member here!