What Do We Do

IT Society is a faculty-based society at Multimedia University (Cyberjaya Campus).

We organise events and provide services for students in MMU especially those from Faculty of Computing and Informatics. We have 4 divisions include:

  • Outreach and Awareness Division
  • Skills Development Division
  • Tech Services Division
  • Faculty Engagement Division

Not to be confused with IT Society (Melaka Campus). We are 2 hours of driving distance apart.


To empower students as active practitioners of information technology and to represent all FCI students.


  • To cultivate a hacking and startup culture in the campus.
  • To better equip students with the IT skills required for the job market of today and tomorrow.
  • To be the platform for students to connect with the industry at large.
  • To act as a bridge between FCI and its students.
  • To fight for the welfare and interests of FCI students.


To ensure integrity of our day-to-day operations, you can see our progress of each event and project on our Trello Motherboard.

Also, our constitution is published on GitHub.

2 Replies to “Event”

    1. Hi there! First of all, thanks for loving what we have done in the BarCamp last year.
      Unfortunately, there will be no BarCamp this year due to several reasons.
      We will still have Tech Career Days and other events such as talks, workshop, etc. Feel free to join us!

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