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Startup Featurette presents to you a short one-night event where we feature 4 startups from the MaGIC Accelerator Programme to share their stories of founding a company, as well as sharing the technologies they use and create.

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From this event, you will be able to learn about the technologies startups use these days so that you can prepare yourself for it. Some of the startups are also hiring interns and part-timers too!

The 4 startups that will be with us are:

  • Playme AR – Augmented Reality DIY Creator tool that allows businesses & designers to easily create augmented reality experiences and campaigns.
  • Qtix – Started by MMU students, a mobile integrated queue management system which enables users to get their queueing ticket remotely with an estimated service start time.
  • BorderPass – Expedites passengers through airports by replacing paper immigration forms with online profiles, sent to the destination country the moment a flight is booked. Pre-cleared passengers get to skip the immigration queue and use a BorderPass automated gate on arrival.
  • Katsana – Advanced GPS Tracking and Fleet Management solutions via Katsana Fleet for enterprises, KATSANA Shuttle for public buses, and recently KATSANA Marine for deep-sea vessels tracking system for the O&G sector via Inmarsat satellites.

Event Details

Time: 2nd September 2015 9PM – 11PM

Venue: FCI XR 0001

Price: Free

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