Where To Start Learning App Developments

So you wanted to learn programming and build the next best thing but you do not know where to get started. Here is the best guide for you to get started. All the resource below is some great resource and tutorial use by our fellow IT Society member when they just start learning it. bear in mind that this site might be changing from time to time for updating the information.


This is some easy programming language you can pick up and understand the basic.

  • Scratch Programming language
  • Alice Programming language 


  • Suggested book: Accelerated C++


  • Suggested Tutorial: Android Tutorial (By Google, you can use the course material and do not need to pay a single sen. This tutorial is recommended if you have a basic knowledge on Java programming language )

iOS Programming

Web Programming

HTML, CSS, JavaScript & PHP (Recommended if you start from zero knowledge of web programming)

Ruby On Rails


Polymer is not a framework or a programming language but it s a web Component. This is one of the newest way to do web apps. It is also made by Google

MMU – Hackerspace

So as a bonus. Hackerspace is a group of people who come together to do thing. Every one will need to have their own project that they build on. This project must not be your class project (Unless is FYP). For every 5 week, we have to present what we have done and share our knowledge with other members.

Join us here – MMU hackerspace Facebook Group.


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