This project showcases the apps that students in MMU Cyberjaya have developed.

There are no magic or sorcery behind any of these projects. Anyone, including you, can build these apps. If you work hard in honing your software development skills and has the great attitude of not giving up, you can come up with an app too.

We can’t wait to put your next project here :p

MMU Bulletin Web App
by Henry Lim

A fast, responsive bulletin board for Multimedia University.

Tech: Firebase, Node.js, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

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Remote for Google Slides
by Henry Lim

Remote for Google Slides is a Chrome Extension + Progressive Web App that allows you to control Google Slides on any device, remotely.

Tech: Progressive Web Apps, Preact, Firebase, HTML, CSS, Javascript

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Drooltip.js by Prev Wong

Drooltip is a native javascript plugin that is aimed to provide developers custom tooltips that are beautiful, powerful & extensible. It is pretty lightweight too, without too much bloat & unnecessary features.

Tech: Javascript

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AwesomeSelect by Prev Wong

Change the style of your dropdown to  beautiful dropdown with Material Animation

Tech: Javascript

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ITCW Resume
by Anonoz

Portal that allows students to upload their resumes, volunteers to filter and give feedbacks to students, and employers to access resumes wherever they want.

Tech: Ruby on Rails

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by Hii Yong Lian

All-in-one MMU app for Android, able to download your lecture notes and tutorials directly onto your device easily.

Tech: Android, Ruby on Rails (back-end API)

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MMU TimeTabler
by Bruce Lee Zhen Yong

A proposed system designed to outmatch the existing MMU Time Table system in terms of user-friendliness and intuitiveness.

Tech: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript

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CaMSys Dashboard (Chrome Ext)
by Joey Cheng

It adds a dashboard into CaMSys which displays frequently viewed information by students, such as attendance, schedule, finance, and advisor.

Tech: JavaScript

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MMU Bulletin Twitter
by Raymond Choo

Post bulletin news to twitter account.

Tech: Python, Beautiful Soup 4


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Truth Table Generator
by Bruce Lee Zhen Yong

A truth table generator/comparator that parses boolean expressions in a specific notation as used in logic circuits.

Tech: C#, WinForms

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MMU Time Table to Google Calendar
by Shaun Goh

Add your class schedule from CamSYS automatically to your google calendar!

Credits to Raymond Choo for python web scraping backend.

Tech: Php, Polymer

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