Ruby on Rails Workshop 2015

Ruby on Rails Workshop 2015

Announcement post: Running a Better Workshop – Next Up – Rails!

  • Date: 30 Nov – 18 Dec 2015
  • Format: 6 sessions – Mon and Thu 8-10pm for 3 weeks.
  • Location: FCI CR3001
  • Commitment Deposit: RM50*
  • Sign Up: Fill this online form

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Only 20 slots available. You will be divided to groups of 5 and a mentor will be assigned to each group. You are only confirmed after you have paid the commitment deposit.

*This is not a fee. We don’t want your money. This will be refunded back to you if you finished all 6 sessions and completed your project.

What you will need:

  • laptop (Mac and Windows only!)
  • pendrive


  • Lee Zhen Yong (bruce)
  • Joey Cheng
  • Hii Yong Lian (HiiYL)
  • Anonoz
  • Jack Goh

Workshop Outline

Session 1: Introduction and Setup


  1. Setup teams
  2. Ice breaker: introductions, talk about what participants intend to build
  3. Concept: VMs and Vagrant
  4. Setup rails with Vagrant
  5. Tools: IDE or Text editor

project task:

Discuss and brainstorm what to build

Session 2: Gems, Bundler, ERB files


  1. Concept: routing
  2. Concept: gems, bundler
  3. Concept: Frontend development framework – Boostrap.
  4. Exercise: Install boostrap gem.

project task:

Work on static main page and about page with Boostrap.

Session 3: MVC, Scaffolds and REST.


  1. Install sourcetree, open up example project from github.
  2. Database design
  3. Concept: scaffolding
  4. Exercise: Create Scaffold for Ideas table
  5. Concept: MVC

Project task:

design and create tables and scaffold them.

Session 4: GET and POST


    1. Sending data to another page: introducing requests
    2. See GET requests as they are passed through the browser
    3. Exercise: searching Ideas
    4. Introducing POST: create a user registration form.
    5. Exercise: create migration – simple user table with plain text password, given a table.
    6. Exercise: complete the user registration form, and functionality to store the missing data based on what is already completed; The login page is already completed for you.
    7. see POST requests as they are passed to browser.

Project task:

Apply GET and POST.

*actually you can setup a user system by just using devise… (

Session 5: Session and Cookies


  1. Concept: session and cookies
  2. Demo: application walk through to demonstrate session vs cookies

Project task:

  • applying cookies and session

Session 6: Deploy to Heroku


  1. Mentors explain what and why Heroku
  2. Exercise: Change database from sqlite to postgres

Project task:

  • Deploy application to Heroku

Event: Presentation

Dress casual and keep calm!